2 Way integrated text messaging that you'll love!

With an open rate of 97%, text messaging is a powerful tool for reaching customers and engaging them with your brand.

Automated texts with a personal touch

SMS messaging can help you minimize the time you spend on busy work, freeing up more time for important tasks. Use SMS to engage with your leads and personalize messages based on their interests.

Reach a Larger Audience

Send messages to a larger audience to keep them in the know about your latest sales, promotions, and incentives. Our CRM allows you to automate messages with templates, link shortening, and automatic opt-ins.

enhance Your personalized marketing with the power of SMS/MMS

Your Rise Business Line allows you to connect with clients directly and send automated replies and personalized messages. Send messages based on their behaviors and preferences within our app or on your dashboard.

Focus Your Attention on What Matters Most

Within our app, there are many options available to support your text marketing strategy:

69.1% of customers reply within 1-2 minutes

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time.

Frequently asked questions

With Rise, you get the lowest cost per 150 character in the industry. Each 150 character text is only 1.0 cents! WHAT??!! YEP! Most all other platforms charge anywhere from 2-4 cents per 150 character text message. Ready to start saving money?! 

Yes! Contacts can reply to your automated text messages or text message broadcasts, and you can handle those replies and communicate back and forth right inside the contact record. You can also mark messages as unread, identify when a contact opted in or out, and view which automation or broadcast your initial message originated from. This allows businesses to effectively manage their text message communications and keep track of their interactions with their leads and customers. With Rise’s text messaging features, businesses can engage with their audience and drive more sales.

By using a CRM like Rise with text marketing, businesses can leverage a range of features not possible with standalone text marketing software. These features include the ability to personalize texts with customer data using merge fields, segment broadcasts, store texting history in one centralized place, and automate text marketing based sales behavior. By combining a CRM with text marketing, businesses can create more effective and personalized campaigns that can help them engage with their audience and drive more sales.

Mass (bulk) texting and automation functionalities are currently available.

Currently, automated text messages and text message broadcasts are only available in the US.

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