Finally Automate Your Direct Mail Marketing

The smart way to do direct mail marketing.

Why Do Savvy Marketers Use Rise Direct Mail?

Integrated direct mail campaigns literally take minutes, rather than weeks to produce. You’ll be informed on the delivery and response status of each piece you send. It’s all synced to your CRM account to complement your email and digital marketing.

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Keep Follow-up Personal

Sending direct mail is so impersonal, until now!

Using variables in each postcard design allows our system to automatically personalize every single postcard with names, addresses, or any other information you want.

Did we mention this is done automatically?

Imagine sending a personalized postcard automatically and instantly to a new lead.

Track, Trace And Measure Impact

You’ll know the delivery status of every piece of mail—whether it is delivered, forwarded or returned in every Rise Marketing campaign.

Tracking provides a detailed understanding of how your audience responds and converts online.

How Smart Postcards Work


New Lead List or Contact Lists from the CRM

In just a few clicks, connect your contact smart lists in CRM. Endless possibilities; see engaging ideas!


Instant Customization, Using Your Brand’s Style

Recipient’s name, address, and trackable QR code link is automatically added to a postcard with your branding & style.


Zero Work Required; Delivery Is Automated!

A postcard is printed and delivered to USPS within 2 business days of a form submission. It’s fast, effortless, and trackable. 

But, isn’t direct mail dead?

Here’s an unexpected reality about direct mail:
Physical mail that you can actually touch is experiencing a major comeback.

Here’s why Rise postcards
are a great option again:



Traditional direct mail has been abandoned by most churches, which means that your guest’s mailboxes are not saturated with junk mail like before. Scarcity creates opportunity for your personalized postcards to be noticed like never before!


Direct mail used to be impossible to track, and was seldom integrated into a digital strategy.

Now, direct mail is trackable with unique urls for every single postcard, so you can get a report on every person who responds to your direct mail. Genius.




Direct mail used to be hard, time consuming, and costly. With Rise Marketing, direct mail is easy to manage, and runs on auto-pilot.

Using our easy dashboard, you can manage every aspect of your direct mail, and even see reports of what is being sent, was is being responded to, and which designs get the best response! Game changer.


NO MINIMUMS allows Rise Marketing to work for small churches sending a few postcards a month, but also scales effortlessly for larger church volume.

Send different postcard designs to different audiences such as First Impressions, Kids Ministry, Student Ministry, Men’s Ministry, etc., and automatically send postcards to those audiences.

All this with no minimums.


Wait, Help Me Understand…

Rise Marketing automatically sends a personalized postcard to people without office staff doing anything? 

Yep. That’s right.

Rise Marketing uses revolutionary technology to automatically send a postcard using your design, addressed personally to every single guest, then tracks their response.

Hang on!
Do you mean after the admin assistant runs a report, and licks all the stamps?

We mean instantly!

4×6 Postcards (0-2499)

First Class Direct Mail

Starting at $0.75 each

6×9 Postcards (0-2499)

First Class Direct Mail

Starting at $0.85 each

6×11 Postcards (0-2499)

First Class Direct Mail

Starting at $1.10 each

US Letters (Flyers) (0-2499)

First Class Direct Mail

Starting at $1.09 each

US Bifold 6×18 (0-2499)

First Class Direct Mail

Starting at $1.46 each


$ 39.95/month

  • Access All Platform Features
  • Access All Pre-Built Templates
  • Unlimited Team Users
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Custom Templates
  • Create Unlimited QR Codes + pURLs
  • VIP Onboarding Assistance

An Automated Postcard?

Yesterday’s mail is dumb.

The new smart postcard eliminates admin work, so you can focus on people, while ensuring everyone gets personal attention.

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