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RISE Builder Marketing Beyond Expectations

Serving Builder Partners Since 1984

RISE Marketing started with the intention of supporting the company’s builder division. We have mastered the needs of working with builders and streamlining the process for borrowers buying a new construction home.

Our goal is to help with marketing, energy, and resources to allow YOU to continue catering to your client's needs!

What What Offer


Finance Options

Helpful Tools

Builder lines of credit with regional banks, horizontal construction help & more!

Pre-Sold Help

Construction loans, long term conventional/jumbo help, & one time close loans.


Our Team

Loan Officer

Solid trustworthy pre-approvals, help with marketing ideas, lead follow up, open houses, sales meeting & so much more!

In-House Marketing

Need a quick flyer? Have an event that you need help organizing? We’ve got your back!


Constantly Improving

Raving Fans

Turn the agents, buyers and title companies into your raving fans.


We can help you manage & follow up with leads to keep them on track during the process.

RISE Marketing Services

We started a marketing company to serve all of our builders to the highest level possible. And the great news is… we just pass the direct cost onto you, so you can save THOUSANDS on your marketing costs.


Digital Marketing


Manage your relationships, automate your communications and processes, and keep track of leads.

Website Chat Bot

Hosted on your website to provide an interactive chatbot to connect with your leads instantly – & the best part…it’s like a human!

Online Review Requests

Grow your online reputation management with automated reviews software.

Google Ads

Manage, track, and analyze online ads – additional funds required to run ads.

Landing Pages

Reach your targeted audience with a professional custom landing page.


Print Marketing

Business Cards

Customize your business cards with different finishes and textures.

Postcards + Mailers

Branded postcards and mailers that are sent to hand selected homes and routes – includes design, postage and printing.

Floorplan Flyers

Create consistent branding for all of your subdivisions and plans.

Front Elevation Renderings

Showcase the beauty of what each home in your subdivision with a creative illustration.


Pull customers in with eye-catching signage on the edge of your development.




Custom T-shirts, hats, polos, etc… for your team and your subcontractors.

Promotional Items

Get your name out there by passing out branded items for open houses, partners, and conventions.

Email Signatures

Keep your communication branding consistent for all of your employees.

Video / Drone Footage

Give people a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your new subdivision.

Digital Projects

Check out our previous work:

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Renderings
  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • CRM
  • Chatbots
  • Online Reputation
  • Management
  • IDX Feeds
  • And More

Print Projects

See what we’ve done:

  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mail / EDDM
  • Mailers
  • Event Displays
  • Swag / Apparel
  • Signage
  • Floor Plan Flyers
  • Logo Design

What Our Partners Say

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Utah Builder

“With the Sun American Builder Division, my team and I have been able to triple our business and rely on a one-stop shop for all our marketing needs”

Arizona Builder

“Before working with the Sun American Builder Division and Rise Marketing, we didn’t have a landing page or logo. They were able to provide us all of these marketing solutions (and more!) to take our business to the next level!”

New Mexico Builder

“When we needed help to manage the strategy and rollout of our next subdivision, Sun American Builder Division turned out to be the perfect partner that we didn’t know we needed”

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