Built In Calendar Booking that will blow your mind!

easy-to-use appointment scheduler

Rise allows you to tailor details, availability, and reminders to your business needs. Plus, with its seamless syncing between mobile and desktop, you’ll never miss a meeting again.

Simply your life with one tool

With Rise, you don’t need any additional tools to manage your appointments. The appointment scheduler is native to the platform, and the powerful dashboard lets you see everything at once. This means you can easily manage your schedule and stay on top of your appointments without having to use multiple tools. It’s all integrated into one convenient platform.

Integrate with your favorite Calendar Options

Seamlessly connect Rise with your Google and Outlook calendars. Work with your favorite tools, not around them.

Get better leads and Less No-Shows

Book more meetings, avoid no-shows, bring ready-to-buy leads into your funnel with automated appointment reminders and personalized follow-up.

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